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Birthing at City View

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Conceiving a baby is a privilege and birth is viewed as normal, natural and healthy, affecting women and their families forever. City View Birthing Retreat aims to create active birthing experiences free from routine medical interventions, utilising the women’s inner wisdom to guide them through birth.

In South Africa, women can give birth in hospital or at home. City View Birthing Retreat is a freestanding birthing center that provides a less institutionalised setting than a hospital for women who wish to deliver naturally and is staffed by advanced midwives and doulas in independent practice.

City View Birthing Retreat is medically equipped to assist with an emergency until the client can be transferred to the nearest hospital or hospital of her preferred backup obstetrician. The midwife may accompany her during transfer and provide supportive care at the hospital.  All clients birthing at City View Birthing Retreat is advised to see their backup obstetrician at 16 weeks of pregnancy and again at 36 weeks of pregnancy to assure that both mother and foetus is healthy.


City View Birthing Retreat is located perfectly next to the Union Building Steve Biko Academic Hospital and other private hospitals where a comprehensive and advanced range of medical services are offered with state of the art equipment. 

City View Birthing Retreat is a low risk unit and cannot accommodate vaginal birth after cesarean . 

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