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(Terms and conditions)


*Please note that our premises are not child-friendly. Please make alternative arrangements for your little one.*


Rates for 2024

Quoted in South African Rand(ZAR) and subject to change

  1. First prolonged consultation, counselling, planning and assessment, R850, includes sonar.

  2. Follow-up consultation, counselling, planning and assessment, R650

  3. Postnatal visits R650 .00

  4. 3D/4D Ultrasound R850

  5. Birthing fee: R24 000,00

Breakdown of R24 000 birth fee:​

  • Midwife fee  R 12 000.00

  • Facility fee  R 12 000.00  (up to 24hrs)

  • Inclusive of all meals

  • Inclusive of 15% VAT

  • stock excluded

  • Facility fee if longer than 24 hrs-R 3 500.00 per day

(Only if birth takes longer than normal or if advised by midwife)

  • Medical aid and private patients are accepted

  • NETT and non-commissionable

Bookings and cancellations

Bookings are non-refundable (except in the event of premature labour). All confirmed bookings will be moved to the next available antenatal class. All bookings require EFT payment in full when the mother is  37 weeks pregnant. The accommodation agreement must be completed online. Only couples who have received a confirmation online can attend an event. Couples may also request antenatal classes, which the facility will outsource. 


Patients and guests

  • City-View is a smoke-free zone.

  • COVID 19: No children or guests are permitted to accompany mommies during consultations or deliveries. Partners are however still encouraged to support the mother during consultations and childbirth. 

  • We allow a maximum of  ONE support person to be with you during the birthing process. This person should be someone close to you, such as your partner, mother or sister. Friends and extended family will be shown away to protect you as a mother while you are giving birth.

Escalation in prices

City View Birthing Retreat reserves the right to increase the prices of events due to unforeseen circumstances escalation in entertainment and running cost without notice, providing the original event booked, the couple shall not be entitled to cancel the booking. Increased prices apply only to future events which will be posted on the website in advance.


Home of Miracles banking details


Bank: ABSA

Cheque Account: 4097215587

Branch Code: 632005



City View Birthing Retreat and their employees shall not be held responsible for, and shall be exempt from any liability in respect of loss, damage, injury, accidents, delay and inconvenience to any person and/or their luggage or other personal property whether the same shall arise or be occasioned by the negligence of City View Birthing Retreat or otherwise under any circumstances whatsoever. Please take note that conference facilities are on the top floor which involves climbing 3 flights of stairs.

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