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The Team


012 561 3777

Dr. Mariatha Yazbek


Mariatha is the founder of the Home of Miracles, an independent midwifery practice which is situated in the extraordinary City View Birthing Retreat. Mariatha, an advanced midwife and mother of three (including twins who were born normally and were breastfed for two years), is passionate about mothers and babies. She obtained a doctorate in Midwifery and is full-time in academia.

Prior to her academic career that commenced in 2011, she was an independent midwife in private practice for 15 years, delivering babies in hospital and at home, mostly under water.


Cell: 082 683 8362

Susan Gaigulo

Midwife Specialist

The first time I stepped in the labour ward during my undergraduate studies I experienced something awesome; …… I fell in love with being a midwife and I just knew this was the place where my life purpose is.

I have passion to support & care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth. I believe that God placed me at the threshold to usher new born babies into the world. Being a midwife is magnificent, I enjoy teaching self-help while accompanying expectant parents in preparation for their infant.

I completed my Nursing Science degree in 2010 and went on to pursue a Masters degree in advanced Midwifery which I completed in early 2016. I have been working as a midwife since 2011 to date.


Cell: 072 236 8161

Willemien Kool

Midwife Specialist

I am a passionate midwife, living my dream job. I strive to provide evidence-based practice while still viewing pregnancy and birth as a normal, though life changing event; making me grateful for the privilege of working with unique women and all that they have to teach me as I walk with them through their journey to motherhood.

I completed my basic degree in 2010, whereafter I gained 5 years of experience in neonatal ICU at the maternity department of Steve Biko Academic Hospital. I have received my Masters degree in Advanced Midwifery early in 2018.


Cell: 061 050 4936

Olivia Venter


Birth is a sacred time in a woman’s life which is to be respected. I believe that in pregnancy and birth, a woman and her child, are to be cherished at all stages and to me this encompasses providing evidence-based care to my clients while following a gentle approach to birthing.

I believe the birthing process is a beautiful time for any woman that should be facilitated within her expectations, as well as supporting her through the journey into motherhood. Every time a baby is born a mother is also born. I strive to support women in their journeys of pregnancy and motherhood by acknowledging each women as an individual and providing care suited to each individual’s need. I believe women can be empowered through birth.

Backup Obstetricians

Dr Lize Freishlich

Tel: 072 918 6896

370 Booysen Street Les Marais 0084

Pretoria, Gauteng

Dr Elizabeth de Gouveia
Tel: 087 880 0554
Medi-Clinic Gynaecological Hospital
132 Celliers Street

Dr Q Diale
Tel: 012 644 0299
Unitas Hospital, Suite No. G2
235 Clifton Ave, Centurion

Dr T Seloka

Tel: 012 320 1022/0188

Mediclinic Medforum

Advanced Groenkloof Day Hospital

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