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What Services Do you offer?
  • Natural Births

  • Water Births

  • Sonars

  • Ante-Natal Care

  • Post-Natal Care

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What are your Prices?
  • Facility Viewing: Included in first consultations

  • First Consultations:          R850 (Includes Sonar)

  • Follow-up consultations   R650

  • Birthing Fee:                   R24 000,00

Does your facility take medical aid?
  • Yes, but the amount covered depends on the medical aid you use.

How do I find out what my medical aid covers?

Covid-19 Crisis

I want to use your facilities rather than a hospital to avoid the Covid-19 virus but I am 28-37 weeks pregnant. Can I move over?

Yes, provided that:

  • You are not a high risk patient (diabetes, HIV, BMI above 35, high-blood pressure, severe mental illness, and previous cesarean).

  • Are able to provide a track record of having seen a gynecologist/ midwife.

  • Have 2 consultations with us before you deliver.

  • Do not show symptoms of the Covid-19 Virus.

  • Do not bring children or visitors with to your viewing, consultations or delivery.

  • Pay in the full fee before you deliver.

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