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A practitioner? Who knew?

As a doctor with 17yrs of medical experience, including working in labour ward, I wanted a natural pregnancy & labour experience. My doctor had already made it clear that I would be scheduled for a cesarian section, which I really didn't want unless it was absolutely necessary. So, I found City View Birthing Retreat online and after reading Mariata's bio & 1 consultation with Willemien Kool, I knew this was the place for me.

At every consultation I was thoroughly checked (I had not disclosed that I was a doctor)... and I was reassured & clearly knew what to expect. I grew anxious when the delivery date came & went, but Willemien was ever calm and that kept me calm. She even gave me exercises to help my baby turn into a favourable birthing position.

On 15 March 2022 at about 5am I started feeling contractions, and I was excited. I had a 10am appointment & was certain I would be admitted & deliver by afternoon. I started recording my contractions.

When I saw her at 10am, to my shock she sent me home...I was only 2-3cm & apparently these contractions were mild...

At home contractions continued & my water broke. I got really excited. I was back at the centre at 7pm. Little did I know that it would be another 28hrs before my bundle of joy came.


My labour was long. I had no appetite despite a beautiful bowl of fresh fruits in my room. I had ketones in my urine & my contractions (which I thought were super strong) were not sufficient to establish labour. Willemien stayed with me the entire time. And the rest of the team, Maraita, Susan & Olivia all came to give support & lend a hand. 

A drip with oxytocin was put up to establish labour, and sure enough, the pains intensified...I remember at 9pm on 16/03 asking Willemien if this will happen and she calmingly reassured me as she got the birthing bath ready. And in a little while, at 11:38pm, aged 41yrs, I gave birth to my 1st baby.

Truly, the team at the birthing place made the experience what it was...I felt cared for and supported and was able to have the natural birth I desired without placing my baby at risk as her condition was monitored every step of the way.

Thank you City View Birthing Retreat.

Nomsa & Ofentse Mothusi

Our fear has always been giving birth at a public hospital. We almost did because Our medical insurance could only pay 20k for natural birth and most private hospitals charge way more than 20k. We ended up going to the clinic for Anti Natal Consultation until We discovered Our home away from home, City View Birth Retreat on the net.

Like it is always said, there is no place like home, that is exactly how We were made to feel the 1st day We set foot at City View Birthing Retreat.

The 10th of August 2018 was no different to the first time we went to consult, it was the day the contractions started. We were at Our place and Willemien (Midwife) was on the phone with Us guiding Us through the contraction until is was time to travel to City View where We were welcomed with warm hands by Mariatha (Head midwife and owner of City View Birthing Retreat). Mariatha was right by our side making sure that we were as comfortable as possible, she indeed has the motherly touch, nothing we would have experienced from an ordinary hospital nurse. We had Mariatha's undivided attention through out stay at City View. Although the contractions where extremely painful, Mariatha made Our stay seem like a holiday. 

When noon struck, baby Atlegang was persistent that she wanted to meet us all! The water birth experience was so magical, everything happened so fast yet the care was still on 100%. Our baby girl was delivered safely at 20 minutes past the hour 12 by Mariatha and her assistant midwife Germari.

We were kept in for examinations after birth and where allowed to rest for hours after having lunch. We woke up fresh and after making sure that the mother and daughter were fine, we were then discharged to go home.

Even today We are happy to declare that We still get check up messages from Mariatha just to see how baby and mother are doing!!! We, without doubt will certainly go back and recommend City View Birthing Retreat to family and friends.

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