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City View Birthing Retreat

Home of Miracles at City View Birthing Retreat offers:

  • natural births;

  • water births;

  • luxurious mother and baby care;

  • 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound;

  • professional training.


Our advanced midwives provide one-on-one care. Each suite leads out onto its own private balcony, allowing expecting couples to enjoy the panoramic view over Pretoria in privacy.


Rooms include:

  • luxurious interiors;

  • queen sized beds;

  • personal balcony;

  • a lounge area; and

  • are en-suite.


City View Birthing Retreat is a smoke free zone. We offer our services in both English & Afrikaans.

City View Birthing Retreat focuses on pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.  A new life is a miracle leaving precious footprints on one’s life. At City View Birthing Retreat a new life is not only viewed as a precious gift, but also a lifelong responsibility. As experienced midwives and mothers, City View's midwives will assist you to prepare for childbirth and take charge of the way forward.

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